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Toronto Waterfront Festival Welcomes the Tall Ships.

Tall Ship resized

Toronto’s waterfront, while no stranger to crowds, came alive for the Tall Ship’s festival held on the June 21st weekend. It happened to be the first ‘heat-wave’ weekend of summer, but that didn’t stop the crowd from being in a great mood.


It is an annual family festival that takes place in 16 Ontario and six U.S. ports with the official launch being in Toronto with the full fleet. The tall ships brings many youth, including Toronto’s Brigantine, to sail as their training ground. Kids, 13 to 18, learn about life at sea and their skills shine during the festival. A special shout-out goes to all their hard-work and commitment.


It’s no surprize that we spent most of our time at Sugar Beach listening to local talent play great music. Fly-boarding, said to be a combination of snowboarding, jet skiing and acrobatic diving, was spectacular to see. Yes, I did say diving.

There was plenty of activities between deck tours and sailing lessons, but we were just as pleased to hang out by the water and wait for the final parade featuring plenty of ear-ringing canon blasts as they sail out to sea. In heat that reached 33°C, it was a fine idea and well, a festival is just not a festival without ice-cream and ice-cream it was to end the day!


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