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Healthy Canadians: Keeping Baby Safe

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by Sheree Wells

Health Canada has launched a website, Healthy Canadians, chock full of clear, reliable information about health and safety.  To help keep our families healthy and safe they have covered all areas affecting our lives. The area I visit the most is a special section devoted to children’s health and safety.

Whether for traveling or day-to-day living you will find information on car seats, boating and bully to name a few topics. Did you know that car seats expire? Not very many parents do.

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The Infant Care section is great for new parents. Navigating your way in caring for a new infant is complicated further by trying to figure out all that new gear. This section makes the transition a little smoother. If you are like me, staying awake during those late night feedings meant I had to keep my brain active – surfing the internet helped to do this. So, during the late nights with at least one eye open you too can scan through all the useful information.

The Recalls & Alerts section is equally important when you are using or purchasing equipment including toys. You will be able to view four categories that include consumer products, vehicles, food and health products. This is where you find details on baby and children’s products.

If you have recently heard about the Jeep Liberty Stroller recall then you can look in this section to find out the details about this hazard, what lots are affected and what to do if you own one that has been recalled. It is a handy source of information to help protect your children.

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The website even offers an app for Android, Apple or Blackberry devices. Providing you with on the spot recall and alert information. You may find yourself at a local yard sale pondering whether to buy an exersaucer for your little one. Now, you can check this app on your phone to make sure it hasn’t been recalled before making an offer on it. Handy indeed!

Thank you Health Canada and partners for providing us with information that helps us to stay safe and make informed decisions before purchasing new products.

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